Posted March 11, 2020

Radians announces new gloves and PPE vending machine program

PPE vending program will launch with three packaging options for users.

Radians, a top-tier manufacturer of performance and premium safety products, recently launched several new gloves and its PPE vending machine program.

“We’re very excited about our new Aqua Air and TekTye gloves and how they will serve contractors and the construction industry,” said Glove Product Manager, Bob Kelsey. “Contractors often hear workers complain about gloves that cause hot, sweaty hands. Our new RWG35 with Aqua Air technology will help nip this complaint in the bud. It has a unique water-resistant breathable coating that lets air in but keeps water out. Workers’ hands stay cooler and perspire less, increasing their comfort.

"Plus, it has an ANSI abrasion rating of 6, another plus to construction workers who are frequently exposed to abrasion hazards.”

Radians also has a new cut protection line called TekTye. Gloves in this line are specifically designed without fiberglass and stainless-steel fibers, offering a solution for workers whose skin and eyes are sensitive to these fibers but who need gloves with good cut protection. The new line includes two TekTye gloves with an A4 cut protection rating.

According to Kelsey, “Both gloves are made with our proprietary FDG palm coating that really ratchets up flexibility and durability. The RWG713 has a reinforced thumb crotch for extra durability, and the RWG718 is touchscreen friendly, so workers can keep their gloves on when using electronic devices and smartphones.”

In addition to introducing new gloves, Radians is entering the PPE vending machine market where safety products can be easily dispersed and managed via vending machines. Kelsey said this trend will help “propel compliance in the work force and reduce PPE costs if managed correctly.”

For the initial phase of its PPE vending program, Radians will offer three packaging options to accommodate the various sizes of gloves in its expansive hand protection line:

  1. Rubber-banded gloves for companies who avoid the use of plastic bagging
  2. Folded gloves in a poly bag for cut gloves and non-cut coated gloves
  3. Flat gloves in a poly bag for larger, bulkier gloves and cold weather gloves that can’t be easily rubber-banded or folded

For more information about Radians quality safety products and new PPE vending machine program, email, visit, or call toll-free 1-877-723-4267. Radians products are sold through authorized distributors.