Posted April 6, 2020

ECCO waives drop-ship and handling fees for distributors in April

ECCO develops, engineers and manufactures commercial vehicle lighting and safety solutions.

When a crisis hits, it is all hands on deck.

“We are used to seeing our military on the front lines working hard to protect all of us, but this opponent is different,” observed ECCO’s Vice President of Sales Americas Larry Vickers.

In this battle, healthcare professionals are on the front line risking their own health and enduring unimaginable mental stress. While they continue the good fight, the men and women of the construction, trucking and manufacturing industries work tirelessly to maintain crucial facilities, deliver emergency supplies and keep this nation running. ECCO is proud to serve them and the safety solutions leader is taking extraordinary measures to ensure the availability of its lighting and warning equipment.

For the month of April, ECCO is waiving all drop-ship and handling fees for its distributors.

“COVID-19 is currently impacting our operations; however, our top priority is to support you and make our products available during this challenging time,” affirmed ECCO Safety Group (ESG) Americas President John Ducharme. The unprecedented move is in line with ECCO’s mission to protect people with innovative safety solutions while providing unwavering customer support.

“We are managing this fluid situation by staying in constant contact with our suppliers to best support real-time updates or changes related to products and operations,” Ducharme added.

To date, the logistics network and supply chains are holding strong.

Although there may be difficult times ahead, VP Vickers remains confident, “ECCO is proud to be in this industry and it is times like these we will reflect back on, someday soon, and realize we beat this thing together.”

ECCO is committed to enhancing safety for those working to maintain our way of life as well as maintaining the well-being of its own team members. ECCO is open for business and it is moving operations forward. Vickers encourages ECCO customers to “keep rolling…we appreciate your business and will continue to do all we can to serve you the best we can.”

ECCO develops, engineers and manufactures a complete line of commercial vehicle lighting and safety solutions designed to enhance worker and public safety. Headquartered in Boise, ID, ECCO is a brand of ECCO Safety Group (ESG). ESG is a global leader in safety solutions and emergency systems.

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