Posted April 7, 2020

Cool News: Squid X-rays and walrus vision

Here's a fun read for science buffs to perk up your day.

Scientists need to have fun too, and these creative and often humorous illustrations from scientific studies prove it. OK, now take me to that squid x-ray!

Forget Your Troubles by Looking at These Weird But Totally Real Science Illustrations

Some scientific concepts are so intricate and discombobulating, they are difficult to convey in words - but a good, old-fashioned visual aid can make it crystal clear.

Scientific illustration is an art form. Not only can it communicate complicated concepts clearly, supplementing and expanding verbal explanations, it can also be incredibly beautiful - from reconstructions of ancient beasts known only from fossils (palaeoart) to illustrations that demonstrate subatomic particles.

But not every concept is going to result in a serious picture. A squid in an MRI machine is always going to look pretty funny, no matter how well it is drawn.

So, the results of visually communicating science are often quirky, strange and, honestly, charming as heck. They're imbued with a certain je ne sais quoi that cannot be striven for, but must evolve organically from the concept, the illustration, or some arcane combination of both.

We've seen many such illustrations that stopped us in our tracks and made us smile. Here are some of our favourites - we hope you get a grin out of them, too.

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Source:, Michelle Starr