Posted April 8, 2020

Prebena addresses the global fastener market amid COVID-19

General manager Ulrich Wicke looks at the state of tariffs and fastener availablity. 

In his April newsletter, Prebena GM Ulrich Wicke looks at the global supply chain situation and Prebena inventory capabilities during this time. The following are his observations.

"Unfortunately, the Corona-Virus is the major topic of any discussion these days, with restrictions on everyone’s personal and business life as well."

"For me personally, it meant that I was not able to return to the US after an emergency visit in Germany mid of March – and no end in sight when this might change. However, Chris and the entire team in WV are dedicated, they follow all recommendations to their personal safety, and keep our business open and running."

"We are in an overall good situation. The anti-dumping tariffs make Chinese imports on certain staples impractical, but we can produce them and have done that successfully for some of our customers. In addition, the PREBENA Group in Germany has shifted some capacities to another European partner which allows us to offer some 16GA staples at very interesting prices – soon more about this! ... and all, that our US plant cannot produce, we can import from Germany in high end quality."

Ulrich Wicke is General Manager at PREBENA North American Fastener Corp. in Bridgeport, West Virginia"All products in the attached chart are available either from our warehouse stock in WV, our production in WV, our headquarters in Germany or from our Chinese partner for the fasteners not covered by the anti-dumping restrictions.

We offer all these products in Electro- Galvanized Steel and in Stainless Steel 304 and 316.

Stay healthy and safe!"

Ulrich Wicke, General Manager

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