Posted April 29, 2020

STAFDA offers free webinar on COVID-19 strategies

Lessons from Katrina: Help for Engaging Your Team, Customers, & Markets during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

May 7, 2020
11:00 a.m. - Noon (Eastern)
Presented by Dr. Jeanne Hurlbert, Catherine Tito, and James Tito

To help members navigate this challenging time, STAFDA is bringing together Dr. Jeanne Hurlbert (STAFDA’s Customer Service Consultant, President of Hurlbert Consulting, and Chief Data Officer for Smart Counseling) with James Tito and Catherine Tito, co-founders of, which offers tele-mental health counseling services helping clients reduce anxiety, stress, and depression.

They’ll offer insights on successfully leading employees through the COVID-19 pandemic, serving and engaging customers, and ensuring your company emerges strong on the other side.

Jeanne, James, and Catherine bring unique expertise and experience members can put to work right now: They conducted National Science Foundation-funded research on how social support reduced the effects stress exerts on health during Hurricanes Andrew, Georges, and Katrina — making Jeanne one of the only experts on the role social networks and social support play in “black swan events.”

Catherine Tito MA LPC, is a licensed professional counselor, board certified tele-mental health specialist, and clinical director at She and James Tito founded to provide convenient, affordable access to counseling services online.

Topics include:

  • Key symptoms of depression — and why you need to watch out for them in yourself and your team
  • Tips to help your team remain safe and healthy
  • Positive and negative ways to cope with the stress of COVID-19
  • Helping employees navigate the challenges of working at home
  • Why you should expect long-term effects of this event on your team
  • Tips to help employees reduce anxiety
  • Suggestions for keeping customers engaged

This will be a 60-minute session: 45 minutes will be a fast-paced, content-rich module followed by a 15-minute Q & A.

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