Posted April 29, 2020

STAFDA reconfirms 2020 Convention for Anaheim

Yes! STAFDA’s Anaheim Convention & Trade Show is “on” for November 8-10.

STAFDA CEO Georgia Foley has issued an announcement to the industry reaffirming the dates and location of the association's 2020 Convention and Trade Show in Anaheim this fall.

Georgia Foley has been STAFDA's CEO since January 2000. Her duties include association management, overseeing all member programs, government relations, finance, & communications.

"The STAFDA Office has fielded questions about the upcoming Anaheim meeting and we’re moving forward as planned. We maintain regular contact with the Anaheim Convention Center (ACC) and Visit Anaheim (their Convention & Visitors Bureau) on changing developments and the impact COVID is having on scheduled meetings. The ACC has back-to-back conventions this fall and none have been canceled. More than one million people attend meetings at the ACC each year and for 2020, these meetings represent $9.2 million in city revenue."

"Many members have asked what to expect in Anaheim. Since we’re all operating in a ‘new’ normal and things change on a daily basis, STAFDA will abide by whatever guidelines are established post-COVID. Since this is an election year, how the Republican and Democratic political conventions handle their in-person meetings in August will likely be the bellwether for all future conventions."

"STAFDA economist, Alan Beaulieu, along with Chad Moutray, chief economist for the National Association of Manufacturers, predict a 'V' recovery in Q3 which should bode well for our November meeting."

"As states slowly reopen and our economy gets restarted, it’ll provide positive momentum as we move out of the dark cloud of doubt. As things pick up, we’ll move to a gray cloud and eventually filtered sunshine. Blue skies won’t be far behind. STAFDA will keep members posted of ongoing Anaheim Convention developments via our website and emails to members."

"We hope you are all doing well along with your family, business, and colleagues in today’s surreal world. We look forward to seeing you in Anaheim this November!"

— Georgia Foley, CEO

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