Posted May 6, 2020

Asphalt Anchors Corp. offers free calculator for designing fences on asphalt

Online tool helps users determine the strongest, most cost-efficient anchors for mounting fences on asphalt surfaces.

A first-of-its-kind calculator released by Asphalt Anchors Corp. (AAC) helps fence builders save time, money and effort by determining the strongest, most cost-efficient anchors for mounting a fence on asphalt surfaces.

The calculator, designed by the company’s President Rudor (Dori) Teich, considers the physical aspects of the fence (such as fence density, height, spacing between posts and the size of mounting plates), as well as external factors such as maximum wind speeds and a climber’s weight on the fence. It is the perfect partner tool for AAC’s line of BoltHoldTM asphalt anchors.

“I’m very excited about what this calculator will mean for our customers. For the first time a contractor can feel comfortable mounting fences to asphalt, without damaging the asphalt,” Teich said. “Customers and contractors can speed up installation and save money, resulting in a strong, long lasting fence installation.”

BoltHold anchors are uniquely designed to secure any object to an asphalt surface. With many BoltHold sizes and varieties, objects from tents to speedbumps to road signs are directly and securely held in place permanently. One common application of asphalt-mounted fences is for temporary protection of construction sites. The fence posts are bolt-mounted to the anchors that allows for fast dismantling of the fence when it is no longer required. Figuring out the minimal requirements for post stability is a time-consuming task.

Oftentimes an error would mean that the specified anchors were under or over-specified, resulting in a weak installation or an unduly expensive one. The application calculates the least-cost anchors’ solution needed for the fence installation.

The calculator itself is simple to use. The user inputs the type of fence being installed (chain link, chain link with mash, solid wall or slatted walls), spacing between posts, post height, plate hole spacing, and the maximum wind-speed the fence will encounter. A complex algorithm calculates and provides the user with a list of the best anchor sizes, how many to use, and their List cost per post.

The user can experiment with the input parameters to arrive at desired solutions and to maintain a budget that is right for their project. The calculator is part of the redesigned web site which also offers selection by anchor strength and by the end application.

“Ease of installation, application and use is a prime goal at Asphalt Anchors Corp.,” said Dori Teich, “This calculator is just one more step in how we strive to keep improving for our customers.”

The app is free for anyone to use and requires no login or credentials. Try it out now at