Posted May 27, 2020

STAFDA offers customer service workshop video program

Package contains complete workshop videos and PDFs of all handouts.

STAFDA and Dr. Jeanne Hurlbert recorded her online interactive Concierge Customer Service Workshop and are now offering it for members.

Program Description

As competition and disruption increase in distribution and manufacturing, some companies find themselves inadvertently running scared. The leaders in the market continuously innovate by capitalizing on the opportunities disruptive environments deliver. How? By leveraging the key indicators showing why key accounts start to buy and continue to buy, so they can serve those accounts at the highest level.

To gain this “unfair advantage” over your competition, you will:

  • Understand how to develop key indicators to answer the two most important questions in business: what your customers want and how well you’re giving them what they want;
  • Execute the four pillars of Concierge Customer Service by giving customers MORE: Mindset, Ownership, Referability, and Experience;
  • Ensure employee satisfaction as the cornerstone of creating customer satisfaction; and
  • Discover it’s not about beating gorillas like Amazon at their game; it’s about playing a different game to become the gorilla in your market!

Phase I: Knowing Them Well

We’ll focus on developing a feedback system: You can’t serve customers well if you don’t know them well. Attendees will create a set of critical indicators that will not only affect overall customer satisfaction, but measure customers’ decisions on whether to buy from you or your competitors. We will showcase how to avoid disastrous pitfalls by implementing a simple, straightforward feedback system to give you precise information to make smart decisions to attract (and retain) your most profitable customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn why most companies don’t get the feedback they need, causing them to leave money on the table
  • Learn actionable strategies to keep your most profitable customers and attract more customers like them
  • Discover how the “democratization of data and analytics” lets you meld data, analytics and marketing
  • Identify techniques to transform your customer service and fuel your marketing

Phase II: Serving Them Well
Discover the steps to customer-centric innovation: from gettng your crew on board to identifying the right customers who will receive Concierge Customer Service (CCS), to developing and training your team. Put a winning formula in place!

Specific topics include:

  • How to engage salespeople by giving them the tools they need to attract prospects and get current customers to buy more from you
  • Effectively use customer feedback to identify areas for improvement
  • What your Concierge Customer Service Representative (CCSR) job description should include and how to recruit and select CCSRs
  • Use data to identify customers who have earned CCS and those who have not, plus the tactics to move the “have nots” up to a CCS level
  • How to introduce your Concierge Customer Service program to customers
  • How CCSRs should address customer issues (including challenging customers)
  • How to adapt your CCS system to different generations in the workplace

About Jeanne Hurlbert

Dr. Jeanne Hurlbert is an expert in survey research, social networks, Concierge Customer Service, and big data/predictive analytics. She specializes in gettng the information businesses need to ensure continuous process improvement and transform their marketing.

Jeanne served on the faculty of Louisiana State University for 25+ years, where she directed the Louisiana Population Data Center Survey Research Lab. She and her hus- band/colleague, John (Jack) Beggs, have used survey research to study how individuals’ social networks affect things such as job-finding, job satisfaction, access to social support, and health. Their research has been funded by the National Science Foundation and published in top social science and health journals.

She has served on the editorial board of numerous social science and health journals. She also serves as STAFDA’s Customer Service Consultant and the author of STAFDA’s Concierge Customer Service Manual.

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