Posted June 5, 2020

ITR Economics to host two live online events

Join leading economists Alan and Brian Beaulieu on June 23 and July 22. 

Don't miss these dynamic brothers co-presenting on stage!

Each virtual keynote is $199 separately, or purchase both and receive $50 off!

Separating the Wheat From the Political Chaff

June 23, 2020 at 2 pm EDT

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The fiscal and monetary forces set forth by the government are epic. There is more coming. No doubt the largesse has something to do with the pandemic and something to do with the reality of this being an election year. Both are profoundly powerful forces that will shape the economic landscape not only for the second half of 2020 but also for 2021 and beyond.

Recovery & Eventual Growth Versus Depression
July 22, 2020 at 2 pm EDT

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COVID-19, unprofitable oil prices, extreme government responses, horrific economic data, and unintended consequences make seeing into the future more precarious than ever at a time when a measure of clarity is imperative. We will look at the most up-to-date, forward-looking data to discern where we are going and what the near-term indications are for the economy.

About ITR Economics

Established in 1948, ITR Economics has earned its reputation for being First in Forecasts Worldwide. Our unique forecasting methodology sets us apart from the rest of the industry, empowering us to achieve our unmatched accuracy rating of 94.7%, four quarters into the future.

Rather than just relying on algorithms to provide straight-line projections, ITR Economics developed a Long-Term Business-Cycle Theory known to no other forecasting firm in the world. It is this theory that puts ITR Economics at the forefront of the industry.

We are a team of business economists. We understand that companies operate in a changing world and make daily decisions to improve their standing in the marketplace. Our process allows us to account for internal events as well as the external forces that impact profitability.

Our mission is simple: We provide the best economic intelligence to reduce risk and drive practical and profitable business decisions.

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