Posted June 9, 2020

Case Studies: Asphalt Anchors BoltHold products help pop-up COVID clinics weather spring storms

Outdoor Covid-19 testing tents withstand Colorado snow storms and keep testing.

From Humble Beginnings

Founded by a single mother of seven children, Clinica Family Health has worked to fulfill one mission: provide easily accessible medical, mental health, and dental care for low-income and under-served people in the area northwest of Denver, Colorado.

Clinica opened its doors in a small wood-frame house in Lafayette, Colorado 43 years ago. With six staff members, and a budget of $75,000, they worked tirelessly to provide health care to migrant farm workers and the residents of Lafayette.

After decades of hard work and dedication, Clinica now sees over 60,000 patients a year at six community-based clinics and three dental clinics.

Clinica and its nearly 650 employees are recognized at state and national levels for innovative health care models and excellence in service and outcomes.

A Storming Issue

Early into the Covid-19 pandemic, Clinica had been working to help test those who were suspected of having been exposed to the virus. While providing relief, one of their clinics encountered a small Covid-19 outbreak among staff.

Acting quickly to prevent further infections, the health center leadership decided to move all Covid-related work to safer outdoors stations to be set up in tents.

In late April, this year a Covid treatment and testing tent was set up in the parking lot of their busiest clinic. A week later another tent was set up for drive-through Covid testing. The tents provided workers and patients with privacy and protection from viral exposure and the inclement weather. As a springtime snowstorm approached, it became more vital to keep tents up for patients, but also more difficult to keep the tents in place.

BoltHold Holds Down the Fort

As the tents blew in the wind, it was clear that a better means of bolting the tents down to asphalt was required; the large surface areas of the tents and high winds created forces which challenged using weights to keep the tents grounded. After some research, the facilities manager came across the BoltHold family from Asphalt Anchors Corp. These anchors are specially designed to bond with asphalt using a unique large spiral on the body of the anchor and an anchoring adhesive.

Even the smallest BoltHold anchor, the SP10, was found adequate to hold down the tents. Each anchor is pull-rated for 1,500 lbs. The zinc plated steel anchors offer rust resistance and withstand both strong forces and harsh weather environments.

“The bolts were quite easy to put in,” Jason Rave, Clinica Facilities Manager said. “We had to drill a one-inch hole, pour the quick-setting grout in, put the bolts in and we were done. The anchors provide substantial assurance that the tents will stay in place, even in these harsh Colorado conditions. I don't see us having any more issues.”

Stationary Stations

After a month using Asphalt Anchors, even with hundreds of people and cars coming and going, the tents have not budged.

“We’re using a completely new model to provide healthcare, one we could never have dreamed of,” said Susan Wortman, Vice President of Development at Clinica. “We never thought we’d be providing health care in tents. We certainly never thought that Asphalt Anchors would be such a crucial tool to safely providing health care during a pandemic, but they are. They are keeping our tents up and allowing us to provide much needed health care to the community.”

Clinica Health continues testing for Covid-19 and providing health care to their community. The tents remain up, continuing to provide privacy and protection for patients and staff.
To purchase asphalt anchors or learn more please go to or contact the company at 1(973) 669-8214.

BoltHold asphalt anchors were developed in 2004 when Designated Parking Corp, a sister company, needed a method to attach its parking barriers to asphalt surfaces. By 2009 wide interest in the product lead to the formation of a separate subsidiary – Asphalt Anchors Group. (AAG), to design, manufacture and market these specialty anchors. The fast growth of AAG lead to the 2016 incorporation of Asphalt Anchors Corp. (AAC) as a separate and independent company. AAC is a member of the Specialty Tools and Fasteners Distributors Association (STAFDA).

The company’s full line can be seen on the web at

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