Posted June 15, 2020

Point of Rental’s 2020 International Conference goes virtual

Web-based event will take place November 2-5. 

Given the widespread effects of coronavirus on the rental industry, especially in the events sector, Point of Rental’s 2020 International Conference will be web-based, with programming coming from worldwide offices. The in-person International Conference will return next year for its 10th anniversary.

2020’s virtual conference will take place November 2-5. It will include a volunteering component, as the company continues to promote its EPIC initiatives designed to highlight the company’s, and the industry’s, work within its communities.

“With so many businesses taking a big revenue hit this year, we’re working to provide as much value as possible without requiring them to budget in a trip,” said Director of Marketing Lauren Harris. “But the International Conference is about building community, too, and we look forward to seeing the impact our Point of Rental community can make in just one week.”

2020’s conference will bring video tutorials designed for the many different roles one would find in a rental business. Registration is free and includes access to tutorials, live webinars, and additional content designed to maximize their Point of Rental experience.

Those who pencil the International Conference into their schedule each year can plan on attending the conference from October 24-27, 2021 in Arlington, Texas.

“Having the extra year to see what works virtually and build more value into the conference is going to help us ensure 2021 is the best possible conference experience for our customers,” Harris said.

To register for the 2020 conference, get reminders about 2021, or to learn more about the first virtual International Conference, visit