Posted July 30, 2020

FallTech launches new website

Redesigned site features smart navigation, training sections, current safety guidelines and the newest products. 

FallTech, an original equipment manufacturer of fall protection safety products, announces its new website.

Every facet of the website caters to the visitor's experience. They will find multiple pathways to locate the products that are of the most interest.

The in-site search functionality includes natural language search, semantic search, smart navigation, and user-generated organic landing pages. Guests have filtering options throughout each product section tailored for every fall protection product category.

Training and Education invite visitors to learn, register, and receive training about the best practices in fall protection. It provides both access to registration for Competent Person Training, fall protection training videos, and timely and relevant articles to browse on topics such as Leading Edge and the differences between ANSI and OSHA standards and compliance.

The new website also casts a spotlight not only on FallTech’s growing range of innovative fall protection products, but also on the people, the culture, and the company behind the products. FallTech associates are safety fanatics whose only passion is making the workplace safer from fall injuries. Indeed what they do today saves lives tomorrow.

FallTech's reveals its core values in About US. These values, which are uniquely FallTech, consist of Trust, Insight, Integrity, Attention to Detail, and Ingenuity. The practical application of these values illustrates why users trust FallTech products with their employees' lives.

Locate provides access to Falltech Distributors, Repair Centers and FallTech’s Regional Sales Managers who are fall protection experts. Our Story offers a view into the history of the company’s evolution dating back to its founding in 1991 until the current day.

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