Posted August 3, 2020

MAX USA Corp. launches new LinkedIn page

New page will expand customer engagement through industry best practices, commercial trends and product support.

With virtual tradeshows and Zoom meetings becoming the new model of day-to-day communications and business efforts, MAX USA Corp. made the decision to launch a revitalized LinkedIn company page to expand its reach and grow its communications with dealers, contractors, and end-users, to ensure that they have access to the latest industry news, trends, and product announcements.

"The decision to announce the launch of our new LinkedIn platform came from the need to encourage our customers with assurance and engagement through an evolving digital experience that showcases how our latest technology continues to deliver immense benefits to the resilient construction marketplace," said  Jackie Marinacci, Marketing Executive. "Whether its tying rebar in concrete slab for high-rise foundations or new tilt-up warehouses that are popping up around the US, our customers are looking at MAX to support and recognize these projects." 

From regional sales experts to the growing service efforts, the team at MAX has been working diligently during these difficult times to stay in front of existing and new customers to provide support to questions, product inquiries, and rapid service they have come to rely on. The marketing team is shifting its attention to bringing forth compelling case studies, product spotlights, and of course, industry-related news to inform our followers of the work happening in the field.

With the ongoing innovations through the TwinTier rebar tying tools, end-users are exploring applications outside of tying rebar and utilizing the tools for securing electrical conduit where zip ties typically fail overtime. Seeing all these new opportunities and being able to share them on platforms such as LinkedIn, is going to generate new ways of thinking in the field, and in turn, allow contractors and end-users to share experiences with likeminded industry experts.

MAX USA CORP. is headquartered in Plainview, NY, and is owned by MAX CO., LTD. which is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. MAX has been recognized as a market leader in the quality manufacturing of tools for over 75 years. MAX has several divisions employing more than 2,000 people worldwide, including 200 R&D engineers. Learn more at

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