Posted August 25, 2020

Infor expands Cloud-based construction solution to support industry's push into property management

Continued investment in industry boosts construction businesses' evolution from builders to holistic property managers.

Infor, a global leader in business cloud software specialized by industry, today announced the launch of Infor Construction and Property Management, a cloud-based solution that lets construction businesses, serving the healthcare and public sector industries, digitize their entire operations and expand into property management roles. Infor Construction and Property Management offers embedded business intelligence and analytics, simplified navigation, and enhanced security and SaaS capabilities to help businesses manage the entire building process, from scaffolding to lease management.

"Construction companies are expanding beyond their traditional role as a builder to now include property management," said Bill Vellante, Infor vice president and general manager. "With Infor Construction and Property Management, you have a single platform that takes you from scaffolds to tenants. With a sophisticated user interface and modern digital architecture, users now have insights across the full development and management phases."

Infor Construction and Property Management is tailored for construction businesses serving customers across the healthcare industry and public sector. For healthcare-focused businesses, the solution can help reduce the cost of hospital and commercial office building build outs, as well as property management of leases and tenants, which in turn boosts operational efficiency. Public sector-focused construction businesses can leverage the solution to solve critical leasing needs, such as sourcing and managing tenants for airport and transit centers, school and educational buildings, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) properties, and higher education and university management housing.

The robust, cloud-based solution offers construction businesses enhanced financial management with on-demand centralized data, role- and user-based secure access, simultaneous cash- and accrual-based accounting, and real-time insight into operational accounts receivable. Improved features include job cost accounting, purchase order management and service request modules, and an interactive map that acts as a visual guide to filter by region, state or project.

The solution supports multi-family, commercial property, and construction management and financials, and specializes in HUD, university housing, apartment, and retail lease spaces.

Infor's cloud-based property management and construction applications are designed to deliver industry-specific capabilities without the need for extensive customizations. Its cloud-based architecture means businesses benefit from automatic software upgrades that continuously improve functionality, and users can access data and meet complex reporting requirements while working seamlessly from any device.

"Construction companies are calling for new, collaborative ways of working that break down silos across different business units and let them expand into complex property management roles," Vellante said. "We are delighted to unveil Infor Construction and Property Management as a single platform that bridges this gap and leverages cloud technology to unlock data-driven insights and opportunities for construction businesses to refine and diversify their operations."

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