Posted October 8, 2020

ITR Webinar: Changes in Supply, Sourcing and Perceptions for 2021-2022

Event with STAFDA Economic Consultants Brian and Alan Beaulieu is set for 
October 21, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. ET.

About the Presentation
Onshoring and the supply chain are two large subjects in businesses today, and rightfully so. We will discuss supply chain resiliency at the company level and why businesses are coming back to the US. There are key reasons that can present all participants with thoughts regarding their own competitive advantages. Onshoring will make the US stronger economically, but it also presents an additional challenge that all businesses must deal with.

The economy is moving at a fast pace, and a look at changes from even a month ago is wise as business plans unfold. We will look at key indicators and trends that you need to know.

This presentation will also feature poll questions for attendees to answer via the ITR onDemand App! Poll results will be revealed during the presentation - click here to learn more about how it works.

Values provided

  • Attendees will get an understanding of the status of the US supply chain and what it will look like going forward.
  • Participants will receive a clear list of items to consider in order to maximize their own supply chain resiliency.
  • You will learn why businesses are coming back to the US and what it means to the US and to our individual businesses.
  • Onshoring also presents a challenge to the US. We will look at that challenge and discuss how to ameliorate it.
  • It may seem that everything is in flux, but there will be constants that all businesses must not lose sight of as we move into the future.

Questions to be answered
Is onshoring happening, and will it make a difference to our future?
Why are companies coming back to the US, and what does that mean to me?
Is there something all firms can do to be more resilient to supply chain disruptions?
There is a lot of talk about change, but what key practices are staying the same?

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