Posted December 2, 2020

Report: The Best Cities for Construction Work

New study ranks U.S. cities' construction jobs environments.

The threat of COVD-19 pandemic caused construction sites to shut down, and stalled projects throughout the country. Now, several months into the pandemic, construction workers are getting back to work on major projects. But where, exactly, are these opportunities for construction workers?

To answer this question, Next Insurance conducted an analysis of “The Best Cities For Construction Work”. They gathered data on 50 cities across the country and assigned a score indicating whether the city ranks high or low for construction workers. The top score a city could obtain is 50. This study also includes a breakdown of top cities for different construction specialties.

Seven factors were included in the Analysis: 

  1. Weather
  2. Average Salary
  3. Area Job Competition
  4. The Number of Open Federal Government Contracts
  5. The Number of Open and Ongoing Local Construction Projects 
  6. Cost of Living 
  7. Overall Unemployment Rate  

Top 5 Best Cities for Construction Work: 

  1. Chicago, IL - Score: 40.7 
  2. St. Louis, MO - Score: 37.8
  3. San Jose, CA - Score: 37.3
  4. New York, NY - Score: 36.8
  5. San Francisco - Score: 36.2

Check out the full analysis here: