Posted December 9, 2020

Iron Age Footwear launches new product selection tool

Users can now shop for footwear by occupation. 

Iron Age Footwear has listened to the plight of the hard-working trade worker who hates shopping for work boots. Just in time for the holidays, too.

No more searching for endless features and reading a bunch of technical jargon when trying to find the toughest work boot for jobs that others aren’t man enough to do. Simply check out the new Iron Age Footwear website,, where one can simply shop by his occupation and find an assorted set of boots perfect his tough trade.

Are you a stone or brick-laying mason? We’ve got you covered. Drive or operator cranes and backhoes? Yep. Smelt in crucibles and need dip-test certified blacksmith-worthy boots? Got those too. We’ve got assorted collections for fifteen of the toughest occupations in the world.

If there’s a tough job to do, we’ve got a boot for it. And that’s all that we’ve been doing – since 1918. Check out our awesome job-filter at the all-new