Posted December 9, 2020

Point of Rental’s Essentials adds SMS messaging

Option is available for free through February 2021.

There’s a new way for Essentials users to connect with their staff and their customers: SMS messaging. And to help make it easier to keep businesses contactless, Point of Rental is making the feature free to Essentials users through the end of February 2021.

“We want Essentials users to be able to provide their customers with the best possible experience,” said Director of Software Development Robert Flach. “For people that don’t have an email app on their phone or just prefer to use SMS, this gives our customers the ability to get critical messages to them easily.”

SMS messaging cuts through the clutter in a recipient’s inbox and provides them with the information they need to see immediately. SMS messages also work regardless of whether the recipient has an internet connection.

Owners are able to manage who can receive SMS messages: They can opt to use them internally, choose employees to receive messages, and even allow customers to receive notifications. Anyone already using Essentials will have the feature added to their services with the release of version 3.9 on November 23.

Anyone adding Essentials to their business before March 2021 will also get in on the free trial period.

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