Posted February 4, 2021

Max USA Corp. releases webinar schedule

Webinars are offered for dealers and end users.

MAX USA Corp is conducting webinars for distributors and end users on their popular tools, including 100-psi fastening tools, SuperRoofer tools, PowerLite high-pressures nailers and compressors, TwinTier Tools and more.

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SuperRoofer (Wed Feb 10th)

PowerLite Webinars:

PowerLite Overview (Thurs Feb 4th)

AccuEmbed Fasteners (Fri Feb 5th)

PAT VS PowerLite (Thurs Feb 11th)

GAS VS PowerLite (Thurs Feb 25th)

TwinTier Webinars:

Handheld TwinTier Tools (Tuesday Feb 16th)

RB401T-E (Tuesday 23rd)

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