Posted April 16, 2021

Kärcher and R-Zero partner to deliver UV-C disinfection solution across North America

R-Zero’s hospital-grade Arc touchless germicidal UV-C device destroys over 99.99% of surface and airborne pathogens in a 1,000 sq ft space, in just 7 minutes.

Kärcher North America, a subsidiary of global cleaning technology leader Alfred Kärcher, GmbH & Co, today announced a partnership with biosafety company, R-Zero, to distribute R-Zero’s hospital-grade UV-C disinfection system, Arc. Kärcher will leverage its robust North American presence to deliver Arc’s sustainable disinfection technology to more organizations as the nation reopens.

Kärcher makes powerful and efficient cleaning solutions for home and professional use. Founded in 1935, Kärcher has a simple innovation philosophy: innovation is what benefits the customers. Today, approximately 90 percent of all Kärcher’s products are five years old or younger, and R-Zero’s Arc is the latest example of Kärcher’s commitment to helping organizations navigate the COVID-19 pandemic with breakthrough technology.

"Kärcher continues to look for opportunities to offer high quality, high performing disinfection devices,” said Rex Shull, ‎Vice President of Product Management and Engineering at Kärcher North America. “When choosing a UV-C partner, we wanted best in-class technology, ease of use and affordability - all features we found in Arc. Arc helps us to offer solutions that will not only help businesses open, but allow them to stay open in these uncertain times.”

R-Zero was founded in the early days of the pandemic with the goal of making hospital-grade disinfection technologies more accessible, starting with Arc. Arc is a touchless, hospital-grade germicidal UV-C device, proven to destroy over 99.99% of surface and airborne pathogens in a 1,000 sq ft space, in just 7 minutes. BLE and LTE-M connectivity shares usage data in real time, providing organizations with an auditable trail of all disinfection activities.

In less than a year, R-Zero’s Arc has emerged as a preferred market solution for a variety of businesses and sectors thanks to its accessible pricing, consumer-friendly interface, and scientific validation.

“Kärcher is a global leader in providing the highest quality equipment in the cleaning industry, and we’re excited that they’ve chosen R-Zero’s Arc as their first UV-C disinfection offering,” said Grant Morgan, CEO and co-founder of R-Zero. “With Kärcher’s global footprint and our hospital-grade disinfection technology, we can transform how businesses and organizations across the world fight disease and keep customers and employees safe. We also share a mutual commitment to science-backed, environmentally-friendly products, making this partnership not only strategic but aligned with our company’s values.”

With a cycle times as low as 3 minutes, Arc can prevent COVID-19 outbreaks while reducing labor time for organizations. Additionally, Arc features IoT connectivity that provides an auditable trail of disinfection activity, making compliance both simple and visible.

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