Posted June 3, 2021

Continental Abrasives acquires Edmar Abrasives

Edmar has been a diamond and abrasive market leader on the East Coast and Midwest for 68 years.

Continental Abrasives has acquired The Edmar Abrasive Company, based in Broomall, Pennsylvania.

Edmar Abrasives
Continental Abrasives

Edmar has been a leader in the diamond and abrasive market on the East Coast and Midwest for 68 years.

The acquisition will enable Continental, with more than 60 years of abrasive manufacturing experience, to expand into the construction and specialty diamond market.

"This acquisition has meant the opportunity to put a firm foothold in the industrial diamond and construction markets. We look forward to servicing our customers on both coasts as well as our two fulfillment warehouses located in Chicago and Atlanta. We expect this to be the first of many great years ahead," said Garrett Greiwe, president of Continental Abrasives, based in Santa Ana, California.

He added that Edmar customers will benefit from an expanded line of bonded and coated abrasives as well as the full uninterrupted operations of the current Edmar warehousing and shipping in eastern Pennsylvania. 

Edmar will become a division of Continental. Learn more at