Posted July 14, 2021

New construction sector research reveals 89% optimism about the future

InEight Global Capital Projects Outlook surveys 300 of the world’s largest capital project owners and contractors across the Americas, Europe and APAC.

Today, InEight, a global leader in construction project management software, has released its first annual Global Capital Projects Outlook. The industry report, that draws insights from new research conducted with 300 of the world’s largest capital project owners and contractor construction professionals across the Americas, Europe and APAC, has found that despite COVID-19, The Americas construction sector is displaying deep resilience and optimism combined with a clear commitment to digital transformation.

  • Key findings include:
  • 95% of The Americas respondents are either fairly or very optimistic about their future
  • 94% believe their organization to be resilient – ranking highest against Europe and APAC counterparts
  • 65% of The Americas respondents see digital transformation as the biggest short-term source of opportunity with data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning considered most critical for success

Despite positivity around digitization, and significant investments being made, in some respects the region slightly trails its international counterparts when it comes to pushing technology’s boundaries. InEight analyzes this could be attributed to the Americas’ hyper-competitive bidding culture and laser focus on project margins which makes it challenging for firms to expend resources to explore and invest in new technology, despite the potential productivity gains.

When it comes to delivering projects on time, 55% of respondents in the Americas say that, in the last three years, the number of projects delivered on or ahead of schedule has increased

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