Posted July 21, 2021

Alchemco TechCrete 2500 Earns Miami-Dade Approval

TechCrete 2500 allows calcium silicate gel to form within the pores, cracks, and capillaries to continually reactivate barriers and seal future cracks.

Alchemco’s TechCrete 2500® Waterproofing Agent has been granted a Notice of Approval from Miami-Dade County Building Department.

The Miami-Dade County’s Product Control Approval System is a renowned high standard testing that establishes an excellent protocol to assess building products. Further, the products are approved and designed to comply with the building code including the High Velocity Hurricane Zone which means that rigorous tests were carried out to determine the quality of the products before it can earn Notice of Approval.

“Receiving an NOA from Miami-Dade County Building Department is an achievement," said Mario Baggio, CEO of Alchemco. "They are known internationally for giving high standard processes and thorough assessments. It’s difficult to receive approval, that’s why we are very glad to be in partnership with Miami- Dade in providing prime services to our valued customers.”

Alchemco is committed to provide a solution with a unique technology that has proven its waterproofing capabilities for over 40 years.

What makes Alchemco TechCrete 2500® Unique?
In early February of 2020, Alchemco’s TechCrete 2500® was voted as “Most Innovative Product during the World of Concrete Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. It marked one of the company’s achievements over the past 40 years of providing world-class service. What makes TechCrete 2500® different from other waterproofing products is its one-of-a-kind formula that penetrates below the surface of the concrete to create a continuous barrier against long-term water entry and enhances concrete durability. Alchemco’s TechCrete 2500® allows calcium silicate gel to form within the pores, cracks, and capillaries to continually reactivate barriers and seal future cracks for sustainable protection.

Moreover, TechCrete 2500® is easier and faster to apply than any traditional waterproofing products you can find in the market. It is designed to seal existing 2mm non-structural cracks watertight and seals future 0.4mm non-structural cracks. Thus, it is a cost-effective solution that protects the concrete through the highest level of performance.

TechCrete 2500® — High-Class Performance Over 40 Years
Concretes have an impression to be the most durable and widely used construction material. Apparently, because of weather and traffic, concrete can deteriorate over time. However, Alchemco’s TechCrete 2500® is well-proven in delivering high-class performance around the globe throughout the years. It has been protecting a wide range of exposed concrete structures since 1975. Over the past 40 years, this product has been a great choice for clients who wants an affordable long-term solution to preserve, protect, and waterproof concrete.

About Alchemco

Alchemco is a full-line global manufacturer of products used to clean, repair, protect, and waterproof concrete & masonry structures. It became a world leader in concrete waterproofing systems through innovation, education, and professional implementation of its propriety waterproofing formula. With TechCrete products sold in 75 countries over the past 40+ years, Alchemco is relentless in improving its technology and manufacturing capabilities for the convenience of its clients. As the company’s slogan states: Today’s solution, for tomorrow’s problems.

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