Posted August 13, 2021

STAFDA Issues Health Update on Orlando Convention & Trade Show, October 24-26

COVID precautions are in place and two-thirds of Orlando citizens are fully vaccinated — all area trade shows are proceeding as planned. 

As new challenges arise with the COVID-19 Delta variant, health and safety continues to be STAFDA’s top priority.

Orlando has a proven track record of hosting safe and healthy meetings. Since reopening, the city has hosted 100+ meetings at the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) accredited Orange County Convention Center (OCCC).

Orlando’s airport and STAFDA’s host hotels also have the GBAC stamp of approval awarded to facilities that follow a high standard of cleaning, disinfection, and disease prevention. Last week, the OCCC hosted the 17,000-person General Assemblies of God who reported no health-related issues.

Orange County employees, which includes the OCCC, will be required to be fully vaccinated and wear masks indoors. Local government leaders urge all residents and visitors to wear masks in indoor spaces, following CDC guidelines. More than 64% of County residents are fully vaccinated and with mobile vaccination sites, that percentage continues to climb.

For months, STAFDA has been working closely with Orlando Health to provide attendees with a safe and positive experience. Near STAFDA’s registration area, Event Medical Services LLC will be onsite to provide medical care. In addition, there is a Walgreen’s within walking distance of the OCCC.

Orlando has back-to-back shows this fall and no group is canceling. Last week, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), said the Delta variant should have a 4-8 week run and is primarily impacting the non-vaccinated. Those who get the Delta and are vaccinated report mild symptoms with a quick recovery. The Delta variant has had a meteoric rise the past few weeks and let’s hope its downfall is just as rapid.

As we’re all aware, the key to stamping this out is getting vaccinated. Children need vaccinations before they start school and dogs need to be current on their shots before being boarded or admitted to “doggy day care.” The COVID shot is no different.

Health guidelines for the Delta variant change daily but rest assured, STAFDA is on top of it! In addition, we’ll offer lapel pins attendees can wear to indicate if they are fully vaccinated. We’ll also offer a choice of a “yellow” or “STAFDA blue” lanyards. Yellow will denote those who want to “catch up, but still feel cautious” and STAFDA blue will indicate those open to “high fives and handshakes.”

STAFDA’s Orlando Convention & Trade Show is definitely “ON” and worst case scenario, we’ll all wear masks like we’ve grown accustomed to the past 18 months.

Please contact the STAFDA office with any questions. Learn more at