Posted September 15, 2021

ITR Economics Announces Construction Market Trends for 2022 Webinar

Webinar is set for September 23, 2021 at 2:30 p.m. ET.

STAFDA's economic consultants at ITR Economics have announced a webinar on their expectations for the 2022 construction market.

The webinar will take a deep dive into the construction industry, including single- and multi-family residential market trends, regional variations in market performance, nonresidential market trends, material pricing and supply chain expectations for 2022, and market risks and opportunities.

What Attendees Will Receive

  • Attendees will know how much residential market activity expected to slow in 2022.
  • They will have our expectations of when nonresidential markets will begin to pick up and a vertical-market update on how different sectors are faring to this point.
  • They will gain understanding of how long the current inflationary and supply chain pressures will last and when they will improve.

Questions to be Answered

  • Will housing market growth continue in 2022?
  • Will supply chain constraints improve next year?
  • Where are material costs headed next year?
  • What rebound can be expected for nonresidential markets next year?

Cost for this webinar is $75. A recording and slide deck will be included with purchase. 

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