Posted November 9, 2021

ITR to Host Webinar on Labor Supply and Wage Trends Through 2025

Webinar is set for December 16, 2021 at 2:30 p.m. ET.

Presented by ITR CEO Brian Beaulieu and President Alan Beaulieu, "Labor Supply and Wage Trends Through 2025," will explore the global marketplace in light of an ongoing need to attract and retain workforces.

About the Presentation

Knowing the demographic characteristics of the population with the lowest participation rates could help employers craft the means to retain and perhaps even attract the talent they need. Understanding the wage pressures building in our economy is necessary for effective budgeting and maintaining profit margins. Interestingly, this is a worldwide issue and one that is likely to endure through this decade. We’ve learned from our clients and from our own experience what strategies may be effective in the battle for talent, and we will share those as well as our forecasts.

Values provided

  • A forecast of future labor costs
  • A grasp of which demographics are most severely impacted
  • Thoughts on how to use the CPI in future pay schedules in order to increase retention

What will attendees receive?

  • Attendees will learn that the current situation is an extension of trends that have been in place for years and thereby gain an understanding of how to effectively prosper despite these trends.
  • Attendees will see our forecasts for labor inflation through 2025 as a prelude to an increasingly severe problem in the second half of this decade.

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