Posted December 27, 2021

ITR Podcast: The Macroeconomic Outlook for 2022

Signs indicate continued growth in 2022 but perhaps not at the pace we saw in 2021.

In this podcast, Grace Schatz, Director of Economics at ITR Economics, reviews ITR's macroeconomic outlook and shares insight into how you can leverage that information to give you the best possible outcomes in 2022 in your business.

Our outlook is that there's likely to be growth in the overall economy next year. The pace of that growth is likely to be slower than what we saw in 2021, but still growth nonetheless. Depending on the industry you're in and what's really driving the activity in your business, you might be in a position where you've already surpassed those pre-pandemic levels and your business is growing consistently from there.

Or you might be in a position where your industry, your business was more significantly impacted by the negatives, the government shutdowns, for example related to the pandemic than it was by the positives, the stimulus spending that really drove consumer activity.

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