Posted March 29, 2022

LeadSmart Technologies expands software solutions

Key products become LeadSmart Channel Cloud for Manufacturers, Distributors and Sales Agents and LeadSmart Connect for users.

LeadSmart Technologies, a provider of cloud-based CRM, channel collaboration, and business intelligence software, announced a new brand within the company's offering. 

Founded in 2018, LeadSmart originally focused solely on manufacturing companies.

“Our market focus has shifted in the last year with a natural evolution of product offerings to include versions of our SaaS software solution not just for manufacturers, but for distributors, dealers and independent sales agents as well. It was time to rebrand to reflect our broader offering,” said Kevin Brown LeadSmart CEO.

"As part of this rebranding and updated product offering LeadSmart will remain our corporate name and entity but our products will now carry the LeadSmart Channel Cloud and LeadSmart Connect product names to better reflect who our products serve and where our data resides,” said Tom Burton, LeadSmart co-founder and COO.

The LeadSmart family of products is now composed of LeadSmart Channel Cloud for Manufacturers, Distributors/Dealers and Sales Agents and LeadSmart Connect, an app-based solution for existing users who want to take advantage of Channel Cloud features within their existing Salesforce system.

According to Forrester Research, 75 percent of worldwide commerce is transacted through a third-party sales channel so a purpose-built, vertical CRM, Channel Collaboration and BI platform created specifically for distribution companies has been long been needed. The LeadSmart Channel Cloud family of products includes many unique pre-built features and capabilities including tools to help sales teams drive sales growth, full line selling, account planning and customer lifetime value to name a few.

In addition, the LeadSmart Channel Cloud family incorporates LeadSmart’s new app-based architecture that enables customers to incrementally add and adopt additional functionality and capabilities as needed. This new architecture significantly accelerates implementation timelines, reduces costs, and drives fast adoption. As a result, LeadSmart Channel Cloud can be successfully implemented and deployed at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional CRM systems and with minimal impact to the organization.

“We are very excited about the release of new products and rebranding of LeadSmart Channel Cloud and LeadSmart Connect," said Brown. "These new names along with key product features were designed and developed based on in-depth feedback from industry distribution leaders and better reflects what we do and how we help our clients and positions us for our future growth with channel focused companies.”

LeadSmart recently partnered with NetPlus Alliance. Click here for that news. 

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