Posted April 4, 2022

Scenic Road Looks to Future with New General Manager and VP of Sales and Marketing

Scenic Road Manufacturing hires Kevin McGill and promotes Tom McDermott; conjoining decades of consumer-first manufacturing experience.

Scenic Road Manufacturing, located in Lancaster County, Pa., announced its placement of Kevin McGill as General Manager and Tom McDermott as VP of Sales and Marketing.

“Kevin’s drive and experience running complex operations gives me full confidence in his capabilities,” said David Esh, owner of Scenic Road Manufacturing. “He does whatever it takes to get the job done, and we’re already seeing the powerful benefits of having him onboard in exponential growth opportunities.”

During his most recent role as the operations supervisor of a medical device company, McGill successfully ran a $50 million plant with over 70 direct reports. While running all plant operations, his greatest passion was in planning, innovating, organizing, and ensuring orders are out the door for on time delivery.

“I’m excited to join this family-owned company during an impressive time of accelerated growth,” said McGill. “Scenic Road provides a genuine environment full of good people making an exceptional product. I’m already enjoying seeing the company grow its product line since spring of 2021.”

Innovation and expansion goals are the core motivations for bringing McGill onto the Scenic Road Manufacturing team. To further these initiatives, the company also promoted Tom McDermott, who joined Scenic Road in 2011, from national sales manager to VP of Sales and Marketing.

McDermott brings 45 years of consumer product manufacturing industry experience to the company.

“Tom is always feeding new energy into the company,” said Esh. “His excitement and passion for the product line make him the ultimate salesman. Even more, he believes in the quality of our product and that he’s selling something the customer will be satisfied with for years to come.”

“Scenic Road was founded in 1982 by an Amish farmer looking to provide a higher quality wheelbarrow. Today, we find ourselves building the company into a nationally recognized brand,” said McDermott.

“Looking forward, we’re focused on innovation while still honoring the traditional, time-tested craftsmanship we’re known for. Our wheelbarrows are the best available in their segment and our goal is to become one of the most trusted brands in our industry.”

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