Posted April 5, 2022

White Cup Launches White Cup CRM

Platform is purpose-built to drive revenue for distributors through improved sales and marketing.

White Cup launches White Cup CRM, designed to be the distribution industry’s most comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, empowering sales and marketing teams to capitalize on every opportunity to relentlessly drive revenue.

This announcement follows on the heels of White Cup’s pricing optimization, customer and product segmentation capabilities introduced in November 2021, bolstering its Revenue Intelligence platform. The platform combines the power of CRM, business intelligence, and pricing optimization, integrating and transforming these technologies into a purpose-built stack to fuel revenue growth.

Built for the Business of Distribution
White Cup CRM is built to address the high-volume, high-velocity, repeat sales distribution environment in the digital era, making it easy to stay connected, engaged with customers and prospects, and focused on closing sales.

From marketing and sales automation to quoting and document signing, White Cup CRM provides a comprehensive set of tools to orchestrate efficient engagement with customers from first touch to done deal. Built-in workflows make it easy to push marketing data to sales reps, set automatic email notifications, auto-assign tasks and seamlessly move deals through the sales cycle. Sales activity reporting and notifications help team members stay on track.

White Cup CRM also brings newfound ease and time-to-value to marketing operations, helping distributors stay top-of-mind with prospects and customers. Built-in marketing automation with templates make it easy to build targeted lists, launch compelling email campaigns, and track results in minutes.

Distributors can quickly view prospect and customer data on-the-fly, on any device, anywhere, via easy access to the latest communications to drive deals forward. White Cup CRM is designed for simplicity of use and ease of adoption, and is integrated with the industry’s best ERP solutions.

White Cup CRM can be enhanced with MITS BI, White Cup’s Business Intelligence tool, to provide analytics insight through pre-built reports on inventory, purchasing, vendor management, expenses, and other factors that drive revenue.

Less Struggle, Easier Selling
For years, distributors have tried to make do with CRMs not designed to meet their specific needs. As a result, they’ve struggled to achieve CRM return on investment and user adoption. White Cup CRM, built to address the specific needs of the distribution industry, aims to change this.

“The distribution sector has endured much disruption over the past 24 months, but market conditions are such that leaders have emerged stronger and more competitive than ever,” said Matt Mullen, White Cup CEO. “The time for distributors to gear up for growth is now, and CRM is a vital element — selling becomes easier when everything you need to succeed is connected.

“White Cup CRM provides benefits that distributors critically want and need; this is about sales and marketing workflows that are more efficient – that make critical processes faster and easier, so teams can make more calls, send more emails, and ultimately close more deals. And all with ease of use that’s ultra-critical to drive adoption,” he said.

For more information on White Cup CRM, join us for a webinar on April 26 and visit our product page.

About White Cup
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