Posted May 11, 2022

Wright Celebrates 95th Anniversary

Manufacturing icon has shipped over 150 million tools throughout the world.

Wright is celebrating a milestone 95th anniversary in 2022, providing an opportunity for the company to reflect on its nearly century of accomplishments.

In 95 years, Wright has had more than half a dozen building expansions, manufactured over 4,000 types of U.S. hand tools and has shipped over 150 million tools throughout the world.

“Wright has achieved this milestone through the hard work and tremendous efforts of our employees and our endeavors to best serve our customers,” said Tom Futey, president and co-owner, Wright. “We’ve dedicated ourselves to 95 years of hand tool innovation and we are excited to plan for the future as we march toward our 100th birthday.”

Since the inception of Wright, its tools have been part of building cities, bridges, power plants, refineries and part of repairing and maintaining all major infrastructure that citizens rely on daily. In 1927, Wright started from scratch with its founder, C. Nelson Wright. Since then, the company has increased its physical footprint with building expansions, as well as its product lines, which are still made today.

Wright has also expanded its reputation over the years to become a nationally and internationally known manufacturer with distribution to industrial, commercial construction, oil and gas, power-generation and much more.

Wright plans to celebrate this accomplishment and thank its employees’ dedication for their part of the 95-year-old company’s success with events throughout the year.

About Wright
Wright manufactures a complete line of more than 4,000 professional-grade hand tools for the industrial, contractor and MRO markets. This year, 2022, marks Wright’s 95th anniversary. For almost 100 years, the company has been innovating, engineering and forging tools that exceed industry expectations. Nearly all Wright-branded products are U.S. made and carry lifetime guarantees against defects in workmanship.

For more information on Wright and its products, visit: or call 800-321-2902.