Posted June 28, 2022

Hypertherm Rebrands to Hypertherm Associates

Rebranding features new corporate logo.

Hypertherm is changing its corporate name to Hypertherm Associates, a name that represents the company’s evolution from a manufacturer of plasma cutting products to a multi-technology provider of industrial cutting solutions, with its people (“Associates”) at the heart of everything it does to support and solve customer challenges.

Hypertherm Associates will continue to offer the industry’s leading line-up of industrial cutting solutions including plasma, waterjet, software and more, organized under four distinct businesses. Hypertherm® will continue as the brand for plasma cutting solutions, while OMAX® will remain the name for its market-leading waterjet cutting systems. Two newly defined groups, the Hypertherm Associates Software Group and Hypertherm Associates Aftermarket Group, will encompass product brands such as ProNest®, Robotmaster®, Centricut® laser, and AccuStream® waterjet parts.

“We wanted our new corporate name to reflect our people-focused culture as a 100% Associate-owned company. Our founders established a passion for customer-focused technology innovation, put the development and wellbeing of our people—our Associates—at the center of the equation, and then gave ownership of the company to those Associates to carry that vision forward,” explained Evan Smith, president and CEO of Hypertherm Associates.

“It reinforces our focus on people, from our customers, partners, and surrounding communities to our Associates, who own the company. It cements our long-term commitment and focus on customer-focused technology innovation and partnership, and to our communities, rather than external shareholders or investors.”

Along with the new name, Hypertherm Associates is introducing a new corporate logo and updated logos for its technology brands. The Hypertherm Associates logo, designed to resemble a nest of cut parts, serves to visually link the corporate brand with the company’s respected technology and product brands. At the same time, it demonstrates the company’s industry and technology leadership—and its commitment to lean manufacturing, sustainable practices, and innovative engineering—as well as the strength of cross-technology offerings that solve customer challenges.

Hypertherm Associates is a U.S. based manufacturer of industrial cutting products and software. Its products, including Hypertherm plasma and OMAX waterjet systems, are used by companies around the world to build ships, airplanes, and railcars; construct steel buildings, fabricate heavy equipment, erect wind turbines, and more. In addition to cutting systems, the company creates CNCs and software trusted for performance and reliability that result in increased productivity and profitability for hundreds of thousands of businesses.

Founded in 1968, Hypertherm Associates is a 100 percent Associate-owned company, employing approximately 2,000 Associates, with operations and partner representation worldwide. Learn more at