Posted July 6, 2022

NETA Announces Newest Board Members and Officers

NETA welcomes Leif Hoegberg to its Board of Directors and congratulates Bob Sheppard, Dan Hook and Chasen Tedder on their new officer positions.

NETA– the InterNational Electrical Testing Association – is pleased to announce updates to its Board of Directors, including the addition of a new member and appointments to officer positions. Maintaining decades-worth of combined industry experience, NETA’s Board of Directors contributes to the association’s visioning, planning, and success, making the group a critical part of the organization’s make up.

“As our industry evolves and new challenges arise, NETA is extremely fortunate to maintain such an experienced and capable Board of Directors. We are thrilled to welcome Leif to the Board and Bob, Dan and Chasen to their respective roles,” said Missy Richard, Executive Director of NETA.

Leif Hoegberg joins the NETA Board of Directors in addition to his role as the Director of Engineering and Technical Support for Electrical Reliability Services. Leif also serves as member of the Standards Review Council.

Bob Sheppard of Premier Power Maintenance Corporation assumes the role of 1st Vice President. He also chairs the Training Committee and remains a member of the Promotions and Marketing, CTD Review, and Membership Application Review Committees.

Dan Hook of CBS Field Services becomes 2nd Vice President in addition to his role as chair to the NAMO, Technical Exam, and NETA World Committees. Dan will also remain a member of the Standards Review Council, Safety Committee, and Membership Application Review Committee.

Lastly, Chasen Tedder assumes the role of Secretary. An electrical field engineer from Hampton Tedder Technical Services, Chasen is also a member of Standards Review Council and the Conference and Membership Application Review Committees.

NETA, the InterNational Electrical Testing Association, is an ANSI Accredited Standards Developing Organization that creates and maintains standards for electrical maintenance and acceptance testing for electrical power equipment and systems, as well as a standard that addresses the certification of electrical testing technicians. NETA is an association of leading electrical testing companies comprised of visionaries committed to advancing the industry standards for power system installation and maintenance to ensure the highest level of reliability and safety. Learn more at