Posted September 7, 2022

Quick Fitting Stands Behind Push to Connect Plumbing Fittings with the Industry’s Best Warranty

Company offers a 75-year warranty. 

Quick Fitting, a leading manufacturer of quick connection technology for plumbing, electrical, industrial, municipal, and OEM applications, is proud to stand behind its extremely reliable push-to-connect fittings with the industry’s best warranty.

With 54 U.S. patents, the innovative and proven pipe connection technology is warranted to last 75 years, longer than any other conventional method and covering product replacement, labor and damage.

“Reliability is all important for plumbers, connections behind walls and underground must be trouble free for decades. Plumbers recognize the labor-saving advantages of our products, but they are sometimes apprehensive about the reliability when the technology is unfamiliar,“ according to Matt, CEO. “We know how reliable our products have proven to be. That's why we offer this warranty, giving plumbers confidence and peace of mind.”

Quick Fitting offers a full range of high-quality plumbing fittings and valves for Copper, CPVC, and PEX plumbing, heating, compressed air, inert gas and fluid applications. The fittings are reusable, durable plumbing connections, and get the job done 75% faster than traditional methods, including soldering.

The fittings can be installed wet or dry, unlike many other connections, and still delivers a water-tight seal. The fittings greatly simplify installation in wet conditions and in emergency conditions. Plumbers can work more safely and efficiently without having to use chemicals or open flames.

Quick Fitting’s special grip ring technology is manufactured in the US and provides the right combination of flexibility, strength, and shape memory to enable users to remove and reuse a fitting multiple times without losing any connecting capability. The fittings are guaranteed to make a perfect, permanent connection every time.

All Quick Fitting products are professional-grade, and the 75-year warranty covers their full range of Quick Fitting Brass, Quick Fitting Copper, and Quick Fitting Stainless Steel fittings and valves purchased through an authorized supplier.

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