Posted September 20, 2022

Velociti Partnership with Merlin Solar Brings Quick ROI to ConAg

Instant ROI program makes solar possible for ConAg equipment without any upfront expenses.

Velociti Inc., a global provider of enterprise technology solutions, announces a partnership with Merlin Solar. Through its Instant ROI program, Velociti allows fleets to use the return on investment (ROI) from using solar power to pay for the solution while bringing forth savings on fuel, extending battery life and reducing overall carbon footprint. Customers will be able to quickly realize the benefits of solar from the day of the first install yet not incur the upfront expense.

As a certified Merlin Solar partner, Velociti will offer a turn-key solution, including product, deployment and maintenance for ConAg equipment. For added protection, Velociti’s industry leading VeloCare program provides customizable front-line support, proactive technology health monitoring and field repairs as part of the program.

“We are excited to partner with Merlin Solar and bring cutting edge solutions to our ConAg customers. Merlin Solar’s unique customized solar panels have been successfully deployed in some of the world’s harshest environments. The technology saves fuel, reduces battery, starter and alternator costs, effectively eliminating jump starts, extending battery life, increasing reliability, and minimizing the effect of parasitic loads,” adds Ryan Powell, SVP Sales at Velociti Inc.

Merlin Solar has set out to fundamentally rethink the way solar panels are engineered, with the goal of far-reaching deployment. The unique Merlin grid-patented technology is 80 percent lighter than glass systems, saving 20 percent more energy in real world conditions. Merlin Solar’s rugged design is more durable than standard solar panels with 2.5 times higher power density than thin film technology.

Solar solutions are proving to be the next wave of transportation technology, helping fleets control costs and improve efficiencies. Solar power is useful for supplying energy to parts of the vehicle that normally would be powered by the battery, extending the runtime of battery HVAC systems while also reducing the load on the alternator and resulting in fuel savings. Switching to solar also reduces idling time and extends the life of a transportation asset, all additional ways to control expenditures.

“Velociti’s expertise in installation and comprehensive technology solutions combined with truly understanding customer business needs, ensure a smooth deployment and maintenance program to make them a strong partner for our solar solution product line,” Dr. Venkatesan Murali, Founder/CTO at Merlin Solar.

“We are looking forward to the partnership with Merlin Solar and confident the technology will bring immediate benefits to our customers. Offering our Instant ROI program demonstrates just how certain we are in the financial benefits of solar,” said Powell.

Merlin Solar Technologies, like many of its Silicon Valley compatriots, was founded in a garage. With over 200 man-years in semiconductor, solar, photonics, flexible displays, and high throughput automation, the founders set out to fundamentally rethink the way solar panels were engineered with the goal of ubiquitous deployment.

“To boldly go where no solar panel has gone before” remains the mantra of our company, having successfully deployed solar panels in some of the harshest environments. The lightweight, flexible, peel & stick, rugged, and high efficiency mono-crystalline panels are in space, war zones, Norwegian fjords, Class 8 trucks, RVs, disaster recovery vehicles, autonomous ocean-going drones, O&G Storage tanks, tensioned fabric canopies, in addition to traditional deployments, Merlin Solar has over 50 international patents. For more information visit

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