Posted January 4, 2023

New App Brings the Power of Construction Master 5 to Spanish-speaking Construction Pros

Calculated Industries' app is now available for iPhone users.

Calculated Industries (CI) just introduced the Construction Master 5 SPANISH app for Apple (and soon Android) devices for Spanish-language construction workers.

The new app translates all the time and money-saving power of the industry-standard Construction Master 5 into a tool designed specifically for those that are more comfortable working in the Spanish language. While the math is universal, all the keys and LCD display readouts, and context-sensitive Help/User Guides are in Spanish.

“Having the Construction Master 5 SPANISH on your mobile device will help Spanish-language tradesmen build with speed, accuracy and confidence” said Steve Kennedy, President of Calculated Industries.

“Since NAHB [National Association of Home Builders] estimates nearly a third of construction workers are of Latin/Hispanic origin in the US (and more worldwide) we thought it was only fitting to give Spanish-only speakers the same construction math accuracy and precision that English-speaking tradesmen have enjoyed for so many years.”

Like the well-known English version, the Construction Master 5 SPANISH app enables contractors to do dimensional math, unit conversions, calculate rafter dimensions, complete stair layouts, concrete work, rake walls and much more.

The app is currently available with a free 7-day trial offer on both the US (English) and Mexico (Spanish) Apple App Stores at the same cost as the English language version.

Calculated Industries is one of the country’s leading manufacturers of specialty calculators, apps, digital measuring tools, and precision hand tools for industry and personal use. CI has developed tools for tasks ranging from construction and architecture, to real estate and lending. CI products are designed and supported in Carson City, Nevada.