Posted January 11, 2023

ToolWatch Announces Heavy Equipment Asset Management Solution

Saulsbury Industries uses ToolWatch to manage construction assets and improve operations.

ToolWatch, a Colorado-based construction operations solutions provider, today announced its newly expanded platform built to enable companies to more effectively manage their heavy equipment. The company, which provides fast and secure access to real-time operations data, provides its clients with the means to ensure their heavy equipment is at the correct job site, is being used by the correct operator and is in good working order, maximizing the return on investment.

The announcement of heavy equipment support in the ToolWatch platform marks an expansion of the company’s focus beyond expense tools and consumables.

“Most construction companies face operational challenges managing and maintaining their high-value equipment. ToolWatch provides the visibility and confidence needed to get their work done using equipment they know is properly serviced,” explained Janan Guillaume, Vice President of Product at ToolWatch. “Our heavy equipment announcement marks the second major category extension in the ToolWatch platform in the last year. These developments further streamline construction operations for our customers, creating safer, more efficient job sites and dramatically improving connectivity between the field, warehouse and back office.”

Heavy equipment assets are typically very expensive, and companies want to ensure they are being well maintained and that they at least cover operating costs. Construction companies can use ToolWatch to manage their heavy assets and track the return on investment for each piece of equipment on a monthly basis, as well as knowing which job each piece of equipment is being charged to and how to accurately bill for the use of the equipment.

Heavy commercial equipment also has extreme service requirements. ToolWatch’s management system can help avoid unplanned maintenance by keeping machines on track for service. Improved service can also expand the life cycle of the equipment, further raising its return on investment.

Safety is also a significant part of the new heavy equipment management solution. The requirements to operate heavy equipment are specific, and ToolWatch can help its clients track which employees have current certifications on file and who is currently permitted to use specific pieces of equipment. This process ensures unqualified individuals are not operating heavy equipment, improving the safety of job sites.

Saulsbury Industries, a Texas-based full-service engineering, procurement, and construction company that serves the energy and heavy industrial sectors, benefits from ToolWatch’s heavy equipment management solution. With locations and operations in multiple states, Saulsbury maintains a vast and varied inventory of physical and geographic assets – all of which must be accounted for accurately and in a timely manner.

Prior to working with ToolWatch, Saulsbury’s tangible assets, from tools and grinders to trucks, trailers and tool vans were essentially managed by hand with pen and paper on clipboards. Today, ToolWatch powers the company’s entire asset operations, from managing the company’s inventory of small equipment and tools to integrating GPS and telematics data from its vehicles and heavy equipment.

“With ToolWatch we know where our assets are and we can efficiently manage, maintain and bill for them,” said Jeff Moncrief, Saulsbury’s Director of Asset Management. “This allows us to deliver an extremely high level of service to our customers and use the data we collect to continually improve our operations.”

Providing the warehouse, maintenance, and field teams with the tools to operate at peak efficiency maximizes company assets, eliminates tedious processes and improves enterprise-wide communications. These solutions are integrated into every department in Saulsbury; for example, Human Resources now updates employee information within ToolWatch so the asset management team can track which employees have tools, resources or vehicles assigned to them. Additionally, Saulsbury has the ability to more accurately and efficiently bill its clients for assets involved in each project, backed by data streamlined by ToolWatch’s construction operations platform.

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