Posted April 18, 2023

Brickworks North America Opens New Masonry Supply Center in Manassas

New 30K sf masonry supply center is designed to meet the needs of builders, architects and homeowners under one roof.

Brickworks North America, parent company of Glen-Gery, announced the opening of its new masonry supply center in Manassas, Virginia.

The Manassas Supply Center is a carefully designed modern space, providing trade professionals and homeowners all the materials and tools needed for successful projects, while also fostering collaboration and education among architects and designers through engaging events.

Glen-Gery has a long history of manufacturing and distributing brick products in Virginia, having manufactured brick in Manassas since the 1950s. The company also kept the Glen-Gery Masonry Supply Center open on Godwin Drive until the new, rebranded store debuted this year. The newest Manassas Supply Center enhances the brand’s existing presence along the East Coast, following the previous launches of the Brickworks Design Studios in Philadelphia (2020), Baltimore (2021), and the global flagship location in New York City (2022).

“In August 2022, we rebranded all our Supply Center locations under the Brickworks name to unify and strengthen our direct distribution business,” said J.P. Blanchard, president, Brickworks North America. “Whether you’re an experienced builder, architect or a homeowner, our new Brickworks Supply Center in Manassas inspires curiosity and collaboration, while offering quality products and unmatched services to help take a project from start to finish in the most efficient and stylish way possible.”

Located at 7413 Cushing Road, Suite 100, the Manassas Supply Center’s 30,000-square-foot space is 5,000 square feet larger than the Des Moines Supply Center, the most recent Brickworks Supply Center which debuted in Spring 2021.

The new Manassas location includes:

  • A consultation area where a team of experienced staff can offer professional advice on installation and design, review plans and guide customers through the product selection process for projects of any size
  • A stunning 8,000-square-foot showroom displaying an impressive portfolio of products, including Mirage, a high-end paver and hardscape product from Italy, which is exclusive at the Manassas Supply Center location
  • A 22,000-square-foot warehouse hosting a large inventory of masonry materials, helping to ensure product is in stock and available to customers
  • A trade area where builders, contractors, landscapers and homeowners can purchase necessary tools and supplies, from brick, stone, mortar and hardscapes to masonry accessories
  • A modern event space for industry events hosted by Glen-Gery

Brickworks North America currently operates 24 company-owned masonry supply centers, known as Brickworks Supply Centers, in the U.S. To learn more about the Brickworks Supply Centers and the products available, visit