Posted May 3, 2023

New Online Tools from Mule-Hide Products Co. Make Project Planning Easier

Silicone Coating System calculator and Pre-Packaged submittals available on

Pre-Packaged Submittals and a Silicone Coating System Calculator from Mule-Hide Products Co. make planning low-slope roofing jobs faster and easier for contractors. The new online tools are available in the “Resources” menu on

With the Silicone Coating System Calculator, contractors answer a few quick questions to determine how much Mule-Hide product will be required to complete a job. Contractors simply select the roof type, desired warranty and seaming requirements and plug in the roof’s square footage. The calculator then provides a list of necessary products (cleaner, primer, sealant and finish coat) and the required amounts of each.

The Pre-Packaged Submittals were created specifically to meet the needs of professional contractors. There are 11 options available, encompassing TPO, EPDM and PVC systems with various attachment methods. Each includes the necessary Product Data Sheets (membrane, adhesives, fasteners, flashing products, sealants, primers, accessories, cover boards, insulation, etc.), along with a summary specification, a sample warranty and a customizable cover page. Contractors simply download the appropriate package and tailor it to the specific project requirements.

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