Posted May 23, 2023

Paul Reilly Announces August Seminar 

Join him August 17, 2023 for the Coaching for Sales Success public seminar.

Calling All Sales Leaders! Consider the following statistics…

  • 56% of salespeople say they’re not being coached the right way by managers.
  • 57% of salespeople want more coaching from their managers.
  • 60% of salespeople want better coaching from their sales managers.

Too often, sales managers ask, “Why can’t my people hit their sales targets?” Yet very few ask, “How can I be a better sales coach for my people?” If salespeople report to you, your number one responsibility is to coach.

Our research shows that salespeople want more coaching and better coaching. Coaching is how you bring value to your sales team. Coaching requires commitment to your team and time in the field. You can’t coach from the locker room. In Coaching for Sales Success, sales leaders will learn how to coach their sales team and manage the sales process more effectively.

This one-day program will help you become a more effective sales coach!

Here are the topics covered in this session:

  • How to build and sustain the value-added movement
  • Recruiting and selecting top-achievers
  • Setting SMARTER sales objectives
  • Training and developing
  • Sales team motivation
  • Coaching your sales team
  • Delivering feedback that inspires positive change
  • Value-added coaching reviews
  • Understanding your communication and behavioral style (DISC)
  • Recognizing your teams’ behavioral style

After attending this session, you will be able to:

  • Develop a plan to create a value-added culture within their organization;
  • Create a profile of the ideal salesperson and list three recruitment ideas to attract ideal candidates;
  • Identify three qualitative and quantitative objectives to help salespeople reach their goals;
  • Plan and organize productive sales meetings that focus on performance, training, and development;
  • Create a motivational environment that inspires their sales team; and
  • Develop a coaching plan to help their sales team reach their full potential and sell more profitably.
  • When you embrace this message, you will coach more effectively and inspire your team to compete on value, not price.

This program is limited to 15 participants. The investment is $1,150 per participant. Click here for registration details!

Tom Reilly Training
171 Chesterfield Industrial Blvd.
Chesterfield, MO 63005 (St. Louis area)
Airport code: STL
Date: August 17, 2023
Time: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Investment: $1,150 per participant

Paul Reilly, STAFDA’s sales consultant, is a speaker, sales trainer, author of Selling Through Tough Times (McGraw-Hill, 2021), coauthor of Value-Added Selling, fourth edition (McGraw-Hill, 2018), and host of The Q and A Sales Podcast. For additional information on Paul’s keynote presentations and seminars, call 636-778-0175 or email
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