Posted May 30, 2023

NCCER Delivers an Enhanced Core Construction Course

Sixth edition of Core: Introduction to Basic Construction Skills is now available.

The National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) is publishing key enhancements to the NCCERconnect course for the sixth edition of Core: Introduction to Basic Construction Skills. This update adds a range of innovative features to meet instructors' needs and enhance learners' experience.

As NCCER’s flagship curriculum, Core provides individuals with foundational skills and knowledge such as basic safety, tool usage, and construction math. The new updates to NCCERconnect for Core Sixth Edition take this already robust training curriculum even further by introducing additional learning assets to enhance learners’ application and understanding of the material while empowering instructors with valuable resources.

Key features that will benefit trainees and help instructors:

Self-guided interactive learning: Each module now includes self-guided learning, allowing learners to get engaged with interactive, narrated walk-throughs of module content. These interactive experiences augment the trainee guide materials with visually engaging elements, making class time more efficient and improving knowledge retention.
Hands-on projects for a range of skill levels: The updated NCCERconnect course also features an extensive library of hands-on projects designed to make it easier for instructors to lead activities in the classroom or use as homework. Developed and provided by real NCCER instructors, this collection of projects will offer additional ideas for engaging classroom activities that align with both the program’s learning objectives and performance requirements.
New math study questions: Recognizing the importance of math skills in construction, the enhanced NCCERconnect for Core includes a new, robust math question bank that covers the Study Problems in the Introduction to Construction Math module. Learners will also benefit from new videos with helpful tips and tricks for understanding construction math.
Augmented reality (AR) learning experiences: NCCERconnect for Core now includes augmented reality experiences in partnership with SENAR. Learners can engage with simulations of Basic Safety and Rigging through their smartphones, gaining hands-on understanding of these essential aspects of the construction industry.
The course also features an improved navigation system and on-screen layout, aligning with other recent Level 1 craft curricula in NCCERconnect. This ensures a consistent experience for instructors and trainees across all modules.

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