Posted May 31, 2023

FrogTape Releases Training Handbook For New Painting Pros

Informative how-to guide provides tips and insight as foundations for skills development.

Known for its industry-leading painter’s tapes, FrogTape® brand introduces the Rookie Painter’s Handbook, a free, downloadable training tool geared for new painters.

The Rookie Painter’s Handbook is a valuable supplement to on-the-job skills training that can save painting companies time by providing new hires with information and background to jumpstart their entry into the industry.

Covering everything from basic techniques and common trade tools to communication skills and leadership tips, the handbook offers novice painting pros a leg up by helping them become better craftsmen, teammates and employees, as well as developing their customer relationship skills.

A Free and Valuable Foundational Resource?

Experienced painting contractors, supervisors and managers are encouraged to share the Rookie Painter’s Handbook as a standard training aid for onboarding new team members. As veteran painters know, true industry success comes from a combination of strong work ethic, a willingness to learn, and constant attention to honing your craft, which was the genesis for the handbook.

“The Rookie Painter’s Handbook is a foundational resource that goes beyond knowledge gained on the jobsite,” said Patti LaPorte, Director, Paint and Masking Tapes, Shurtape Technologies, LLC. “It’s one part of a well-rounded training process that apprentices need in order to succeed in the industry—and contractors need to build strong painting crews.”

The handbook covers best practices in prepping, painting and on-the-job safety; how to choose paints, brushes, sprayers and tapes for various applications; and navigating the professional landscape of coworkers and customers.

"On-the-job training is a right of passage for all new painters to move forward in their careers," said Chris Berry (aka The Idaho Painter). "But a tool like the FrogTape Rookie Painter's Handbook offers foundational knowledge to build on—crucial industry basics that can round any painting business' training regimen for new employees."

It’s a perfect springboard for new painters to learn about tools, tactics and terminology. Plus, it serves as an easy-to-use everyday reference, right at the user’s fingertips.

Work Faster and Smarter?

The Rookie Painter’s Handbook, itself, is a comprehensive tool that enables new painting professionals to work faster and smarter. While every new job provides opportunities for growth, there are also new opportunities for learning. As a guide to patching drywall, angling a paint roller, making a good first impression, and much more, the handbook empowers pros just starting out in the painting industry to approach each job with confidence.

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