Posted June 6, 2023

STAFDA’s San Antonio Educational Workshops: The Smart Choice

Sessions cover leadership, instilling accountablility, relationship building and more.

The STAFDA Convention is a unique opportunity for members to receive outstanding educational experiences from the industry’s best speakers. Attendees customize their agenda to best meet their career needs — and it’s all included in the registration fee.

Make the smart choice and attend as many of the following Workshops as possible during Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association’s 47th Annual Convention & Trade Show, November 5-7, in San Antonio.

Sunday morning’s educational block begins at 8:30 and runs for 90 minutes. After a half hour break, the sessions repeat to different audiences. Topics and speakers include:

Human-Centric Leadership: Dirk Beveridge  

In today’s ever-changing environment, leaders are learning the very nature of leadership is being redefined by the social, technological, and demographic forces creating new customer and employee expectations. The human element of leadership has become the true north for today’s leaders.

Dirk will introduce qualified data showing leadership is at an inflection point and share insightful case studies of distributors who are setting the standard. As an entrepreneur, researcher, author, and strategist, Dirk is the catalyst for companies to redefine their future in the age of rapid change. 

The Fine Art of Building Relationships: One Conversation at a Time: Debra Fine  

You can’t hide behind that screen any longer: It’s time for face-to-face conversations. Debra will focus on rapport-building techniques, conversation and mingling skills, gaining visibility, and networking tips. A former engineer, Debra teaches C-Level executives, managers, and stakeholders, the conversation skills needed to navigate business events, meetings, and interact with clients and customers. 

Master Your World: Today’s Game for Maximum Profits, Peak Productivity, & Top Communication: Mary Kelly  

Leadership is the difference between failure and success. The strength of leadership affects every employee, every team member, and everyone you serve. Mary will explain how leadership creates a productive and constructive team, how loyalty and relationships affect the bottom line, and what most employees aren’t getting from their supervisors and managers causing them to leave.

She is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and served 21 years on active duty as an intelligence and a logistics officer. She earned a PhD in economics and taught at the Naval Academy, the Air Force Academy, and in the graduate school for Colorado State University. 

Trust, Accountability, & Business Relationships: Thom Singer  

Company culture is a key employee-retention tool. When there is trust and accountability between people who know, like, and respect their coworkers, a company will thrive. Thom will combine his teachings on the power of community, collaboration, and conversations with the underpinning foundations of trust and accountability to help teams come together to win more business. 

Two additional sessions on Sunday, November 5, include a “Women in Distribution” luncheon and an “Emerging Leaders Forum.”

The luncheon will be a networking opportunity along with a program from JJ Geronimo

Many professional women desire more influence and impact yet don’t know the necessary steps to make their goals a reality. Her luncheon topic is Accelerate your Impact. She’ll share strategies for women in business to shine a light on the opportunities to enhance their path. Securing that next position, a Board seat, or even starting a new initiative often requires women to enhance their brand, align to specific projects, and strategically expand their network. JJ was a leader in the tech industry and now empowers and encourages women to create a lasting impact with proven career strategies. 

Moderating an “Emerging Leaders Forum” will be Thom Singer. Many STAFDA members are Baby Boomers and grooming the next generation to take over the business. Whether it’s a family member or tapping a long-term employee, these upcoming leaders need to form a network with their peers who are on the same career trajectory. Developing a person’s “inner circle” of contacts – inside and outside work – is the key to more opportunities.

Economic Update: Alan Beaulieu 

Tuesday, November 7, STAFDA’s Economic Consultant Alan Beaulieu will present his always-popular Economic Update. Alan’s gift is taking his intensely researched and accurate forecasts and making them relatable and understandable. His program pulls together the global economy, U.S. legislation, and the North American economy to present a comprehensive, industry-focused synopsis to help businesses through uncertain times. As president and principal of ITR Economics, Alan is one of the pre-eminent economists in the country. 

Online registration for STAFDA’s San Antonio Convention & Trade Show begins from the members-only section of at 8:00 a.m. (Central) on June 26. The workshops are included in the Convention registration fee, and only STAFDA members may attend. Non-members are encouraged to visit to review and complete membership applications. 

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