Posted June 13, 2023

Epicor Survey Polls ERP User Needs and Expectations

New report reveals trends and factors that distributors evaluate in ERP puchase decisions, adoption and implementation. 

Epicor surveyed 1,350 technology decision-makers to find out what they want most from a cloud-based ERP solution and provider partnership. Of those, 482 leaders represented the distribution industry.

In fall 2022, Epicor surveyed 1,350 enterprise technology decision-makers to gain insight into their views on cloud ERP. Of those, 482 represent the distribution industry. The respondents represent distribution organizations generating annual revenue of over $250 million.

Epicor then compared this enterprise data with an identical survey conducted in spring 2022 with 1,350 technology decision-makers from small and midsize businesses (SMBs). In this survey, 237 were distribution industry leaders working in SMB organizations generating $20-$250 million in annual revenue.

The survey interviewed businesses across multiple continents and with all deployment types, from private off-site and on-premises servers to hybrid and fully cloud-based environments. In this report, Epicor shares its latest findings on the current state of cloud ERP adoption in the distribution industry and reveals how ERP solutions and partnerships need to evolve to meet distributors’ changing needs.

Click here to download the report.