Posted July 11, 2023

Careers in Welding Mobile Exhibit To Attend the National Scout Jamboree

By 2027, over 360,000 welders will be necessary to satisfy our nation’s workforce demands.

The Careers in Welding Trailer, a 53-foot mobile exhibit presented by the AWS Foundation and sponsored by Lincoln Electric, will be at the National Scout Jamboree in Summit Bechtel Reserve, WV from July 19-22, 2023.

Schools, media, the general public, anyone interested in learning more about welding is welcome to visit and learn more about this crucial skilled trade.

From bridges to skyscrapers, ships to rockets, our cars to our appliances and so much more, the welding industry plays an integral role in keeping people safe and advancing our quality of life. Welding is among the most crucial and essential skilled trades that impact everyday life, yet the need for skilled welding technicians and professionals continues to increase. It is anticipated that by 2027, over 360,000 welders will be necessary to satisfy our nation’s workforce demands (

Since 2011, the Careers in Welding Trailer has been a driving force for welding education and career development. Every summer it crosses the country to promote welding as a lucrative career choice with limitless possibilities, along with the vast array of industries in which welding is used, the kinds of jobs available, their income potential and opportunities for growth. Upcoming tour stops include the Minnesota State Fair, St. Paul, MN; OSU Farm Science Review, London, OH; SunBelt Ag Expo, Moultrie, GA; FFA National Convention, Indianapolis, IN.

“There is more to welding than torches, helmets and sparks. In fact, there are many career paths available in the welding trade, ” said Stephanie Hoffman, AWS Foundation Program Manager. “For example, robotic or automated welding is awesome for those of us who grew up using technology from a young age. And for me, being behind the hood and using a torch to create metal artwork is really fun.”

Sponsored by Lincoln Electric, the 53-foot single-expandable trailer provides visitors the opportunity to try their hand at virtual welding on one of five VRTEX® 360 Virtual Reality Welding Simulators. Each day, the AWS Foundation will award a $1,000 scholarship to the student with the highest score on these virtual welding stations.

“In 2022 the AWS Foundation awarded $34,000 in scholarships during the length of the tour,” said Hoffman. “We are excited to do it again this year.”

Visitors will have the chance to view exhibits, including examples of welds and their applications, that are designed to engage the senses and spark an interest in the welding industry. The “Metal Maiden,” a five-foot tall metal-art sculpture in the likeness of the Statue of Liberty, created by Stephanie Hoffman and Barbie the Welder, will be ready for viewers to take selfies and post to their social media channels.

From September 11-14, 2023, the Careers in Welding Mobile Exhibit will be parked on the FABTECH show floor at [location] and welcomes local welding students and educators for tours and Q/A sessions. AWS will also be hosting the Arcs & Ales networking event and a Women in Welding gathering with appearances from AWS Senior Leadership.

To check out the entire 2023 tour schedule, including confirmed tour stops, please visit To schedule a media visit or interview, call Trish Fliss at 800-443-9353, ext. 420.