Posted August 10, 2023

Evergreen Supply Network Announces CEO Bill Ward’s Resignation

Wade McCone, Director of Training and Education, becomes interim General Manager.

Evergreen Supply Network has announced today that Bill Ward and the Board of Directors have reached a mutual agreement regarding Bill Ward's resignation. This decision comes after a thorough assessment of the company's strategic direction and leadership needs.

During this transition period, Wade McCone, Director of Training and Education, will assume an interim General Manager role. Former Evergreen CEO, Kevin Higginbotham, will also assume a Board Advisory role.

Ward, who has been at the helm of Evergreen since 2021, has played a pivotal role in guiding the company through a period of significant growth and transformation. Under Ward's leadership, the company expanded its market presence, achieved notable financial milestones, and implemented innovative initiatives.

The Board of Directors and Ward are committed to working collaboratively during the transition period to ensure a smooth handover of responsibilities. Ward officially stepped down as CEO on August 8, 2023.

The Evergreen Supply Network is a member-owned cooperative founded in 1989 by six construction/industrial supply distributors. It currently consists of 47 distributors with more than 370 locations in the United States and Canada and has combined revenues of more than $4.5 billion dollars. The group is focused on driving growth and profitability of its Members and Preferred Suppliers through an on-going program of training & education, business development and partnering.

Evergreen maintains a state-of-the-art 14,000 square foot training center in Farmer’s Branch, Texas and offers the industry’s only professional certification program for distributor sales and operations people. Evergreen Members are the leading distributors of tools, fasteners, concrete accessories, and other construction/industrial products. 

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