Posted August 29, 2023

Greenkote and Duroc Enter Joint Venture to Bring Advanced Anticorrosion Coating Capabilities to Europe

Affiliation will make Greenkote coating capabilities directly available to the European Union and surrounding region.

Greenkote (, international developer and provider of leading-edge anticorrosion coatings, has announced that it is entering into a joint venture with Belgian coating company Duroc N.V. The new affiliation will make Greenkote® coating capabilities directly available to the European Union and surrounding regions. The announcement was made by Greenkote PLC’s CEO Mark Gore and Duroc’s Managing Director Maarten Van Bercklaer.

“We are extremely pleased to be partnering with Duroc because they are one of Europe's most experienced and respected providers of metal coating services,” said Gore. "Having Greenkote coating capabilities installed directly in their Antwerp facility will enable European customers to get our anticorrosion coatings much more quickly and easily. And it will significantly extend Greenkote coverage, adding to the facilities we currently have in the UK and Italy.”

“Greenkote will be an important addition to Duroc’s lineup of metal protection capabilities,” said Van Bercklaer. “And it will be a natural fit. Our company focuses specifically on providing surface treatments for fasteners and small bulk parts, and Greenkote’s thermal diffusion technology addresses those categories perfectly.”

In the coming months, the companies will be installing major new Greenkote equipment in Duroc’s Antwerp facility to produce the advanced thermal diffusion coatings. The companies are already entering discussions and doing project assessments with European customers who are interested in Greenkote coatings.

Greenkote anticorrosion coatings serve a broad range of industries – from automotive and rail to offshore and construction – in which products are exposed to the weather and harsh and extreme corrosive environments. These coatings meet and exceed numerous international corrosion protection standards such as C5 and over 3000 hours of standardized salt spray testing. Greenkote can be applied to many types of metal parts, from threaded fasteners to stamped and cast pieces, in sizes from 5 millimeters to 2 meters. In addition to superior corrosion protection, these unique coatings also provide longer wear, better adhesion, and more conformal coverage, which makes the coatings well suited to complex 3D geometries like threaded parts.

The Greenkote name derives from the fact that the coatings are also uniquely ecofriendly. They are applied by a patented zinc-based dry thermal diffusion process that requires no hazardous chemicals and produces no toxic byproducts. And the absence of acids from Greenkote processing eliminates hydrogen embrittlement, a metal failure associated with many other coatings.

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About Greenkote
Headquartered in Brook Park, Ohio, (near Cleveland) Greenkote ( is known as one of the world’s most innovative metal-coating technology companies, with significant patents in corrosion protection. Typical of the company’s coating performance is its recently introduced Greenkote G5k which can deliver extended corrosion protection of more than 5000 hours of accelerated salt spray testing at ASTM Specification B117. Greenkote provides its high-performance, eco-friendly anticorrosion coatings through Greenkote coating centers and licensee-partners strategically located around the globe.

About Duroc
Based in Antwerp, Belgium, since 1954, Duroc ( has been providing a range of anticorrosion treatments for metal fasteners and small bulk parts – for automotive, construction, oil & gas, wind/energy, offshore, and many other industries. The company is able to customize solutions to meet the customer’s specific needs, from small to very large orders, from individual clients to large car manufacturers. In addition to metal surface treatment, Duroc is also able to manage assembly, packaging, labelling, storage, and shipment, as the customer may require.