Posted August 30, 2023

Malco Appoints Bill Spohn and Nataline Lomedico to its Board of Directors

Final additions complete Malco’s transition to a strategic board.

Malco Products, one of the nation’s leading solution developers and manufacturers of a variety of high-quality tools for the HVAC and building construction trades, recently added Bill Spohn, president, CEO and majority owner of TruTech Tools, LTD, and Nataline Lomedico, president and CEO of Giroux Glass to its board of directors.

Both Spohn and Lomedico bring decades of experience in the manufacturing, building construction and HVAC industries. Their appointments mark the completion of Malco’s transition to a strategic board.

Spohn is a leading expert in HVAC measurement and building performance, serving as president and CEO of TruTech Tools—the leading online reseller of tools and test instruments for HVACR and Building Performance professionals. He is also the creator and host of the Building HVAC Science podcast, which covers an array of topics in building science and HVAC diagnostics, as well as human comfort, health and safety.

Spohn will use his expertise and insights to help guide Malco’s strategies within the HVAC vertical and e-commerce business.      

Lomedico has held several leadership positions at Giroux Glass including treasurer, controller and CFO, and currently serves as president and CEO of the employee-owned commercial glazing and glass company. Lomedico has worked in the construction industry for over 24 years, mostly within executive management roles within the construction industry.

Lomedico also successfully ran her own business assisting small- to medium- sized construction companies streamline processes to optimize their financial and growth strategies—an area in which she will provide insights and strategic guidance for Malco.

“Both Bill and Nataline bring deep experience in their respected fields that will be invaluable to Malco as we focus on growth into new markets and channels,” said Malco president and CEO Rich Benninghoff. “Both are leaders within their respected fields and have played pivotal roles in their respective industries, and we are proud to have them join our board.”

These two board appointments officially complete Malco’s transition to a strategic board as the company continues to implement its strategic growth plan. Malco has enjoyed a sharp increase (to nearly 13%) in annual growth since 2020, nearly doubling the previous three-year segment, and has added several new strategic leaders throughout the company and at the board level to support and accelerate this growth as Malco continues to expand its depth and capabilities.

Members of Malco’s strategic board include:

  • Phil Sponsler, board chair
  • Rich Benninghoff, president and CEO of Malco Products
  • Paul Delahunt, former president and CEO of Renewal by Andersen
  • Bill Sharpe, co-founder of Pathfinder Companies and Pathfinder Consulting
  • Bill Spohn, president and CEO TruTech Tools
  • Nataline Lomedico, president and CEO of Giroux Glass

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