Posted September 6, 2023

ORBIS to Showcase Customized Battery Packaging at the Battery Show

Company's comprehensive range of reusable packaging is tailored to the specific needs of the battery and EV sectors.

ORBIS® Corporation, an international leader in reusable packaging, will present its comprehensive range of reusable packaging tailored to the specific needs of the battery and EV sectors at The Battery Show North America.

With the rapid growth of the electric vehicle industry and increased demand for advanced battery technologies, ORBIS remains at the forefront, consistently developing innovative solutions that enable supply chain optimization, cost reduction and environmental impact reduction.

This event for the advanced battery manufacturing industry will take place Sept. 12-14 at the Suburban Collection Showplace. ORBIS team members will be available at Booth 345 to engage with attendees and provide insights into how their reliable, reusable packaging solutions can enhance production efficiency, improve sustainability and protect valuable products throughout the supply chain.

The mass adoption of electric vehicles has brought on new challenges for OEMs and their respective supply chains. Lithium-ion batteries have found themselves at the forefront of these challenges due to their high value, complex regulations and severe risk they pose during a thermal runaway event.

Battery manufacturers and shippers are under more enforcement scrutiny than ever before, making it imperative to utilize packaging and transport methods that are not only compliant with regulations, but will also ensure the battery and its surrounding environment is well-protected during transport. Navigating these regulations can be a painstaking process, which is why it’s critical to work with a packaging partner that is certified and has extensive knowledge of packaging protocols for dangerous goods.

“As the electric vehicle revolution charges forward, ORBIS is ready to address the intricate challenges faced by OEMs and their supply chains,” said Kacie Freeberg, senior director of industrial supply chain at ORBIS Corporation. “At The Battery Show North America, we’re excited to showcase how our reusable packaging solutions can not only simplify compliance but also enhance sustainability and operational efficiency throughout the EV supply chain. ORBIS is committed to providing reliable solutions that empower our clients to navigate this dynamic industry with confidence.”

With sustainability and automation top of mind for today’s supply chain managers, ORBIS continues to showcase a variety of sustainable packaging solutions and programs for the industrial supply chain, including:

Custom EV battery packaging

As the automotive industry evolves to produce more electric vehicles, ORBIS is on the forefront designing protective packaging to keep parts moving efficiently in the supply chain. With this, ORBIS can partner with battery providers to create custom-tailored solutions that exceed federal regulations and perform all the necessary performance testing to be a one-stop shop for large-format battery providers.
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protective solutions

ORBIS helps customers protect sensitive electronic parts from static discharge. ESD-safe material will transfer the charge through the container, keeping your products safe during transportation. The two primary materials used are conductive and static dissipative material. The electrical properties of this material are permanent and unaffected by washing. ESD-safe material is available in all ORBIS StakPak® hand-held folding containers. Standard sizes are available in both AIAG and metric footprints and are compatible with ESD-safe lids.

ORBIShield® dunnage

ORBIShield is a line of custom dunnage from ORBIS that protects parts during transit, assembly and storage. Using a variety of foam, rigid and fabric materials, ORBIShield dunnage is custom-designed to protect unique vehicle parts. Examples include divider sets, hanging bags, foam packs and inserts that can be installed into standard totes, bins and racks.

Beyond protecting products at every stage of the supply chain, dunnage also helps to improve pack density. The long-term implementation of ORBIShield dunnage will improve inventory control by maintaining consistent quantities in each container and optimize line-side efficiency by facilitating removal of handling parts.

StakPak® hand-held containers

StakPak hand-held containers have helped OEMs and tier suppliers reduce costs, drive sustainability and optimize the automotive supply chain for three decades. Compatible with a wide variety of pallets and top caps, these containers are designed for just-in-time applications where the same containers are used for shipping, storage and work-in-process. Smooth, straight interior walls offer maximum cube utilization and easily interface with custom protective dunnage to reduce part damage.

The StakPak Plus™ tote adds various collar sizes to increase a container’s height to accommodate unique-shaped parts commonly found in the industrial and automotive supply chains. These containers take all the best attributes of the traditional StakPak container, including reusability and cost savings, and combine them with customized heights to increase container capacity.

Custom metal racks

ORBIS metal solutions are designed to be extremely durable, while also protecting high-cost sensitive parts throughout the automotive supply chain. They can be configured to any required size, shape, capacity or style to accommodate the unique needs of different OEMs. Integrating metal racks and protective dunnage offers higher efficiency and helps workers optimize what they bring to the line.

Combine metal racks with thermoformed packaging for a complete solution.

ORBIS has the capabilities to custom design and fabricate a wide range of reusable thermoformed packaging, including molded dunnage, complex metal racks, ESD trays, divider sets and more.

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