Posted September 13, 2023

Jobsites: National Pile Croppers Aids Ukraine Rebuild

Heavy Duty CFA rig is cropping concrete piles on infrastructure projects in the country.

The war in the Ukraine has a been a calamity for the people of the country. Now however, signs of hope are emerging with the Ukrainian government starting to rebuild the infrastructure of the country.

Playing a part is a shipment from National Pile Croppers which contained a Heavy Duty CFA rig which is now hard at work cropping concrete piles on a variety of infrastructure projects in the country.

Fully customisable length and diameter wise, concrete foundation piles for all types of ground conditions have been, and are, used for various civil engineering and construction structures.

Common applications range from small housing developments to major inner-city renovation schemes, construction, and infrastructure projects, including tunnelling. Now a new application has been added to the list, that of aiding the rebuilding of the war torn Ukraine.

“We were contacted earlier this year by a company which is involved in supplying equipment that can be used to help rebuild the Ukrainian infrastructure. As hydraulic pile croppers are now seen as essential equipment for cropping concrete piles, it was of little surprise that croppers would be used. We were flattered to be contacted and very proud that our croppers will be playing a small part in the rebuild in the Ukraine,” said National Pile Croppers director Lee Aston.

The first cropper being supplied is a Heavy Duty CFA, which is a traditional linked modular cropper that can be adjusted to suit required pile sizes.

“The National Pile Cropper CFA comes complete with a lifting frame and has the advantage of minimal restriction. The CFA Cropper will cut circular augured concrete piles from 300mm to 1,200mm in diameter. Its modular design allows it to be adjusted to suit different pile sizes on site, with adjustments of 100mm at a time being easily achieved by adding a half link without any hydraulic interference. This means that it is hard wearing, durable, safe and efficient, making it ideal for the multifaceted requirements of the Ukraine,” explains Lee.

Intelligent solution for construction

National Pile Croppers provide a state-of-the-art solution for dealing with concrete piles. They are effectively very precise hydraulic shears with defined angles of deflection and points of contact ensuring a clean cut of the excess pile that does not interfere with the efficacy of the remaining pile.

There are a breadth of different types and sizes of croppers, designed specifically for the breadth and range of piles including augured, bearing, contiguous, secant, CFA, trench and helical displacement. The pile croppers are available in varying sizes ranging normally from 300mm up to 1,800mm (approx. between 12 and 71 inches) in diameter.

“Going forward, we are currently in discussions to supply more croppers to the Ukraine to help with the rebuild. We are unable to name our customer or even discuss exactly where the croppers are being used, and on what redevelopment projects for obvious reasons. I know that the National Pile Croppers team is very proud to be helping out and we look forward to playing an even bigger role in the future as we are currently in discussions to supply even more hydraulic pile croppers for more projects across the Ukraine,” concludes National Pile Croppers director Lee Aston regarding the company supplying hydraulic pile croppers to help the Ukraine rebuild.